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When navigating the Set menu, all individual LPS sets are listed alphabetically (with no reference to Collection, Assortment, or Year). 

Just a few additional notes about this navigation menu:

  • All sets in the Zoo Assortment are listed under Z, since "Zoo" appears in the names of these sets.

  • LPS Merchandise (books, puzzles, etc.) is listed separately, below the alphabetical set list. 


A - B
-Baby Shamu w/ Seashell Cradle
-Backyard Kennel
-Banana-To-Go Squeaks
-Bashful Bunny w/ Bunny Basket
-Be-With-Me Birdie Necklace
Be-With-Me Bunny Necklace
-Bobbing Fish in Treasure Chest Cove
-Brave German Shepherd w/ Travel Crate
-Bustling Gerbils w/ Gerbil Tunnel
-Busy Hamsters w/ Jogging Wheel

-Care Center
-Cestino di Cucciolandia (Italy)
-Champion Ponies w/ Jumping Contest
-Charming Kittens w/ Funtime House
-Chirpy Birds w/ Nesting Home
-Chirpy Tree Friends w/ Woodsy Home
-Chloe as Cleopatra
-Clever Collie w/ Puppy Pillow
-Clubhouse Kitties
-Color Change Chameleon in Cactus Cove
-Country Garden Nursery Playset
-Country Home Carrycase Playset
-Crystal (Plush)
-Crystal Pony
-Cupcake (Plush)
-Curly Tail Trio
-Cutesy Kittens w/ Kitten Playhouse

D - E
-Deepsea Divers w/ Coral Tank
-Dolly Dolphin on Her Dancing Wave
-European Charms (France & Greece)

-Fancy Curls Carousel Playset
-Fancy Poodle w/ Comfy Cushion
-Fearless Friends Puppy Club
-Fluffy Li'l Puppies
-Fluffy Persian Kitty w/ Cozy Kitty Nest
-Frisky Kitty w/ Cozy Carrier
-Frisky Pups w/ Comfy Basket

-Garden Tag Pets
-Glittering Goldfish in Freshwater Pool
-Gold Charms & Bracelet

-Happy Meal
-Happy Puppy w/ Puppy Carrier
-Happy Pups w/ Cozy Puphouse
-Hat Trick Viv
-Hop 'n Go Bunnies w/ Garden Hutch
-Hop'n Hide Bunnies
-Hungry Kitties w/ Eat-It-Up Food Dish
-Hurrying Hamsters w/ Hamster House

-Ice Palace Ponies
-Itsy Bitsy Mice w/ Cheesy Maze

-Jammin' w/ Viv
-Jewelry Box
-Jivin' w/ Chloe
-Jogging Gerbils w/ Gerbitrail
-Jolly Toucan w/ Pretty Perch
-Jump 'n Splash Frogs w/ Lily Pond

-Kennel Playcase
-Kissing Sea Bunny
Kitty-Be-Mine Necklace
-Kitty Goes Camping
-Kitty Mom & Dad w/ Magic Birthing Cozy

-Kitty Neck Charms

-Let It Pour Pup
-Lil' Brush 'n Grow Filly
-Lil' Magic Drinkin' Filly
-Li'l Paw Prints Kitty
-Li'l Paw Prints Puppy
-Lil' Saddle Filly
-Lil' Wash 'n Pretty Filly
-Lively Shih Tzu w/ Puppy Nest

-Mail Order Charms
-Mail Order Pets
-Magic Monkeys w/ Treehouse
-Magic Waterfall Pets
-Majesty (Plush)
-Marching Mice with Magic Maze
-McDonaldland Happy Meal Girl Doll
-Mommy & Baby Bunnies
-Mommy & Baby Kitties
-Mommy & Baby Puppies
-Mommy Deer w/ Frisky Fawn
-Mommy Fox w/ Playful Pups
-Mommy Mer Catfish
-Mommy Swan w/ Snuggling Babies
-Mystic Pony

-Needin' Feedin' Puppies w/ Serve-It-Up Treat Center
-Nuzzle Time Nursery

-Ocean Goin' Guppy Puppy

P - Q
-Paw Print Club
-Perky Playful Bunnies
-Perky, Playful Kitty Cats
-Perky Pup w/ Cozy Crate
-Pet Shop Playset (92)
-Pet Shop Playset (93)
-Pet Show Party Kit (UK)
-Pete & Penny Penguin w/ Icy Igloo
-Pink Puff Puppy
-Pinto Pony
-Playful Kitten w/ Snuggling Crate
-Playful Persian w/ Cozy Tunnel Bed
-Playful Puppies in their Puppy Basket
-Playmats (Spain)
-Pony 'n Pet Stable Playset
-Poof 'n Pretty Skunk
-Prance 'n Play Seahorses
-Prancing Parade Ponies w/ Treasure Trunk
-Primpin' Guinea Pig Pals
-Prize Winning Pups
-Proud Crested Cockatiel w/ Gilded Cage
Puppy-Be-Mine Necklace
-Puppy Dress-Up Palace
-Puppy Mom & Dad w/ Magic Birthing Mommy
-Puppy Neck Charms
-Puppy Pals w/ Playhouse
-Puppy Pool
-Purry Kittens w/ Kitty Playtime Condo

-Racing Lizard w/ Desert Den
-Ride'n Slide Hamsters
-Royal Bombay Kitty w/ Kitty Throne
-Royal Carriage Ponies
-Royal Palace Ponies
-Run 'n Fun Puppy Play Yard


-SeaWorld Splash Zone Deluxe Playset
-Shamu Family Playset
-Silky Li'l Kitties
-Silky Yorkie Pup w/ Styling Salon
-Sir Winston Walrus on Rocky Coast
-Sky Blaze Pony
-Sleek Siamese w/ Scratching Post
-Snuggle Bunny w/ Pretty Basket
-Splash Happy Puppies
-Splash 'n Play Cat & Puppy
Squeaks (Plush)
-Star Styles Pet Salon
Stu (Plush)
-Stu Flips His Top
-Suppertime Guppies w/ Eat-It-Up Fish Food
-Sweet Sleepy Puppy
-Sweet Swimmy Fish Friends
-Sweetheart Ponies w/ Moonglow Stable
-Swimming Ducklings w/ Pondside Nest
-Swinging Monkeys w/ Tree Hangout
-Swingin' Star Sea Monkey
-Swingin' w/ Squeaks

-Take Care Pup
-Thirsty Guinea Pigs w/ Drink-It-Up Bottle
-Tickled Pink Kitty
-Ticklish Toucan w/ Cozy Cage
-Tiny Tortoises on Palm Beach
-Toddling Turtles on Paradise Island
-Tug 'n Play Beethoven
-Tutu Fun Kitty
-Twinkling Sledding Party

U - V
Viv (Plush)

W - X - Y
-Water Garden Kitties

-Zoo Arabian Prancers
-Zoo Baby Bobcat w/ Mountain Den
-Zoo Baby Calf w/ Hayfield Home
-Zoo Baby Chimp
-Zoo Baby Lamb w/ Clover Corral
-Zoo Baby Tiger
-Zoo Baby Zebra
-Zoo Desert Parakeet w/ Cactus Home
-Zoo Fearless Falcon w/ Cactus Perch
-Zoo Honey Bear w/ Cozy Cave
-Zoo Indian Ponies
-Zoo Jungle Bunch
-Zoo Lion Family
-Zoo Mommy Hen w/ Chirpy Baby Chicks
-Zoo Playful Sea Lion w/ Sandy Beach
-Zoo Playset
-Zoo Polar Pets
-Zoo Shy Shetlands

-Birth Record
Board Game
-Children's Dinnerware Set
-Coin Bank
-Color/Activity Book
-Cookie Jar Puzzle
-Do Not Solve Until Christmas (VHS)
-Easy-Bake Oven Bake Set
-Egg Cup
-"Fun All Day!" Book
-Loveable Latch Hook
-Lunchbox & Thermos
-Noisemaker Party Favors
-Party Pack for 8
-Polar Pets Puzzle
-Pond Pets Puzzle
-Puppy Watch
-Quilt Top
-Radio Play Cassette
-Reusable Stickers
-Scaredy Dog (VHS)
-Sheet & Pillowcase
-Shoe Puzzle
-Sleeping Bag
-Something to Do Activity Set
-Sticker Activity Album
-Sticker Packs
-Tea Set
-Toothbrush Pets Puzzle
-Treasure of the Sierra Pet Shop (VHS)
-Wrecking Havoc (VHS)
-Yarn Basket Puzzle

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