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This section provides visual references for the plethora of tiny accessories that were included with Littlest Pet Shop sets.  Sorting through LPS accessories and trying to identify the sets that they came with can be an incredibly difficult task, since the differences between accessories are often quite subtle.  Hopefully these Accessory ID References will help you to organize your own collection!

Accessories from Littlest Pet Shop sets and Baby Buddies sets are included in these references, since both toy lines contain similar (and often nearly identical) accessories.

Descriptions of each Accessory ID Reference are listed below, in addition to a list of acknowledgments.


Food & Water
This page catalogs food and water accessories, providing photos and information related to: food and water dishes; water dispensers; hanging feeders; hay; milk; meat; fruit, vegetables, and grain; bottles, canisters, boxes, and bags of food. 



Brushes, Combs, & Hair Decorations
On this page, you'll find a collection of photos and information on the various brushes, combs, and hair decorations (hair ornaments, bows, barrettes, etc.) that were included with some sets.

Saddles, Harnesses, & Horse Blankets
This page contains photos and/or scans of saddles, harnesses, saddle blankets, and horse blankets (including both fabric blankets and plastic "blankets") that were included with most LPS ponies.

This page features photos of the various toys that were included with Littlest Pet Shop sets: chew toys (including rawhide bones), dangly toys, and other miscellaneous items.

Pet Care
This page contains photos of miscellaneous pet care accessories in the LPS collection: leashes/collars, scratching posts, fire hydrants, beds & baskets, grooming supplies, and vet supplies.  Not every pet care item is listed here; I have tried to concentrate on accessories that are duplicated in the LPS line.



Most of the photos in the Accessories ID Reference have been taken by myself.  Several other Littlest Pet Shop collectors have been generous enough to provide additional photos used throughout the reference:

  • Caro

  • Leah

  • Strawberry Fair

  • unicorn4484

  • Cora

  • loves toys

  • jeapos88

  • animal_lover

  • Notua21

  • Waylah

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