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Littlest Pet Shop Sites and Forums

Zuse's Guide to the Littlest Pet Shop
This is the ultimate vintage LPS guide!  Zuse has done an outstanding job compiling photos and information on the entire G1 collection, including variants and non-US releases.

Vintage Littlest Pet Shop Forum
This forum has a lovely group of collectors and is a wonderful resource.

Kenner Littlest Pet Shop Forum
Misty's forum has been a valuable resource for vintage LPS collectors since 2008.

Vintage Littlest Pet Shop Collection
This lovely blog follows moonlightkitty's collecting journey.

Tabby's List of Littlest Pet Shop
Tabby's list seems to be the original LPS fan site (no longer updated).  Much of the information at LPSC has been compiled with the aid of Tabby's list.

LPS at the My Little Pony Arena
The MLP Arena hosts a Littlest Pet Shop board that welcomes both G1 and G2 collectors.

Titi-Chan in Wonderland (French)
This French forum is a wonderful resource for information on international variants.

Mes Tout Petits Amis (French)
This French LPS reference site is under construction at the moment but has some great pictures.

Littlest Pet Shop Collectors Forum
(no longer active)

This forum, though no longer active, has a substantial amount of G1 information.

Vintage LPS Shopping
(Please note that I'm not endorsing any particular sales sites - I'm just providing these links for your convenience.  It's always wise to check a seller's feedback before partaking in a transaction!)

Some merchants post LPS items for sale on Amazon.

There's always a wide selection of G1 LPS available for sale on eBay.

Emery's Emporium
This site features G1 Littlest Pet Shop sets/pets for sale (in addition to other vintage toys).

Sets and accessories are periodically posted for sale on Etsy.

Karen's Toys
Karen's online shop sells vintage toys from the 1960s to the present!

Prancetron Toys
You can find quite a few LPS sets & accessories here.

Ron's Rescued Treasures
A handful of single pets are available for sale here.

Sassi Toys
This site has several LPS sets available for sale.

Toy Stable
There's a great selection of G1 Littlest Pet Shop items here.

Baby Buddies

Ghost of the Doll
GotD has a great collection of Baby Buddies promotional images, MOC photos, and loose set photos.

Zuse's Baby Buddies Guide
Zuse has compiled a wealth of information and photos related to Baby Buddies.

Related Links

Kenner Collector
This amazingly thorough site chronicles the toys produced by Kenner and has a wealth of information on LPS.

Teeny Weeny Families
Several sets from this toy line were released as the Littlest Pet Shop's Mini Surprise Families.  Mouse's site has a wonderful collection of information and images regarding the original Assortment of toys.

My Little Pony Links

My Little Pony Preservation Project
This site is an outstanding resource for information on preserving and restoring My Little Ponies - it's very helpful for restoring LPS items, too!

My Little Pony Collection
This is a great resource for MLP collectors - and the site's designer also collects vintage LPS.

The My Little Pony Backcard Resource
The MLP Backcard Resource contains a fantastic collection of backcard images and stories.

Other Vintage Toys

Shelves of Whimsy
Larissa's blog contains fun anecdotes and lovely photos of her vintage toy collections.

The 80's Toy Ark
This blog features a wealth of information on an array of vintage toys.  The photography is beautiful!

Cute Mini Things
This web site features photos and information related to cute, miniature toys - FairyWinkles, Pound Puppies, etc.

Ghost of the Doll
GotD is an amazing reference guide for a plethora of toys from the 1980s & 1990s.  It also features a very active forum full of toy collectors.

Grand Champions ID Site
This is probably the most thorough Grand Champions web site I've come across.

Puppy In My Pocket
Jenna's lovely site is dedicated to the vintage Puppy In My Pocket toy line.

Vintage In My Pocket Forum
This is a great community for IMP collectors.

Vintage Puppy Surprise
Find information on vintage Puppy, Kitty, Bunny, Pony, & Bear Cub Surprise pets and accessories here!

Baby Buddies
This is zuse's guide to Kenner's Baby Buddies toy line, which uses some pieces from the LPS line.

L'Ecurie Merveilleuse (French)
A French vintage toy forum.


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