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This section is meant to provide a basic overview of the G1 Littlest Pet Shop sets, playsets, playcases, and merchandise.

In order to make it easier to identify sets in your collection, I've created several different menus that allow you to browse the LPS collection sorted by Year, Collection, Assortment, Set, or Species - you can also consult a Visual ID menu. 

The ID Reference additionally has an Appendix that contains links to pages at LPSC with supplemental information on prototypes, international releases of LPS sets, and an index of printable paper accessories.

Descriptions of each ID Reference menu are listed below, in addition to a list of acknowledgments and information on how to contribute your own photos.


Sort by Year
The Littlest Pet Shop collection ran from 1992-1996.  When navigating using the Year menu, all Assortment are listed alphabetically according to the year in which they were released.



Sort by Collection
Each Littlest Pet Shop set was released as part of a larger grouping, or Collection...i.e., Pet Shop, Zoo, Country Fun Pets, etc.  Collections consist of smaller Assortment of sets that share a common theme (for example, the Newborn Families Assortment is part of the Country Fun Pets Collection).  The Collection that a set is in can sometimes, but not always, be determined by an additional logo attached to or near the LPS logo in the upper-left corner of the set's packaging (otherwise, the Collection has been determined by the consensus of online LPS collectors).  When navigating the Sort by Collection menu on this site, all Assortments are listed alphabetically within their respective Collection class. 




Sort by Assortment
Most Littlest Pet Shop sets were released as part of a smaller group, or Assortment, within a larger Collection grouping (in the Zoo Collection, for instance, there are Assortment such as the Zoo Wilderness Pets, Zoo Nursery Pets, etc.)  The Assortment classification of a particular set is usually indicated by a label in the lower-right corner of the set's packaging.  When navigating the Sort by Assortment menu on this site, all Assortments are listed alphabetically without respect to the Collections that they're in.



Sort by Set
When navigating the Set menu, all individual LPS sets are listed alphabetically (with no reference to Collection, Assortment, or Year). 





Sort by Species
In the Species menu, all of the Littlest Pet Shop sets have been organized according to the species of animals in each set.  




Visual ID
The purpose of the Visual ID menu is to make it as easy as possible to identify a particular set using loose pets or accessories - it's especially handy if you've purchased a Littlest Pet Shop lot online and are trying to sort out the various pieces.
 If you have a particular pet and aren't sure what year it was released, what Assortment it was released in, or what the name of its set was, this is a great way to identify it.

This guide is organized by species...if, for example, you are trying to identify a cream-colored kitten, you can refer to the "Cats" section and browse the photos until you recognize the kitten you're looking for.  There's also a category for Playsets that don't include any pets.



International Releases
Although the Littlest Pet Shop toy line was based in the United States, it was also released in many countries outside the US, where it was distributed by subsidiaries of Hasbro.  Some of the non-US sets were strikingly different from the original US releases - others simply differed in packaging.  This page provides a summary of information on international LPS releases.



Prototypes & Limited Release
Littlest Pet Shop prototypes include: mock-ups of sets that were advertised but never made it into general product circulation; sets that never even moved beyond the initial pre-production stages of design and development; sets that were released in extremely small quantities; and sets that were used during pre-production phases for testing and development purposes. 
This page catalogues these rare and even unseen items.



The ID Reference is always a work in progress, and any additional images or information are greatly appreciated (contributions to the section's content can be e-mailed to me)!  Due credit (and lots of gratefulness!) will be provided for the use of your photos.


Tabby's List of Littlest Pet Shop, which is no longer updated, provided the skeleton for the identification reference guide at LPSC.

Any photos with the LPSC logo on them were taken from my own Littlest Pet Shop collection.  All scans of cards, boxes, and promotional images, unless otherwise noted, were also scanned from my own collection.

The online Littlest Pet Shop community has so generously provided a great deal of photos and information for use on this site.  LPSC has grown tremendously thanks to their efforts and contributions.  Many thanks to these collectors who have contributed their photos, videos, and/or information:

Credit is also given to these contributors at the bottom of the respective set's information.

All official Littlest Pet Shop products, images, text, etc. are the property of Hasbro.

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