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Most Littlest Pet Shop sets were released as part of a smaller group, or Assortment, within a larger Collection grouping (in the Zoo Collection, for instance, there are Assortments such as the Zoo Wilderness Pets, Zoo Nursery Pets, etc.)  The Assortment classification of a particular set is usually indicated by a label in the lower-right corner of the set's packaging:

When navigating the Assortment menu on this site, all Assortments are listed alphabetically without respect to the Collections that they're in.

Just a few additional notes about this navigation menu:

  • All Assortments from the Zoo Collection are listed under Z, since "Zoo" appears in their names.

  • LPS Merchandise is included in this list and is labeled accordingly.

A - B
-Baby's Nursery
-Beethoven's 2nd
-Bonus Gifts

-Care Center

Cartoon Series Video Tapes (Merchandise)
-Chatter Pets
-Children's Books, Cassettes, & Games
-Country Garden Nursery Playset
-Country Home Carrycase Playset
-Cozy Home Pets (92)
-Cozy Home Pets (93)

-Dining (Merchandise)
-Dressed 'n Ready Pets

-Easter Exclusive

F - G
-Fancy Curls Carousel Playset
-Fancy Curls Friends (95)
-Fancy Curls Friends (96)

H - I
-Happy Meal
-Hiding Places
-Home Sweet Home

-Jewel Pets

-Kennel Playcase

-Li'l Paw Print Pets

-Magical Hideaway Pets
-Mail Order
-McDonaldland Happy Meal Girl Doll
-Mini Surprise Pets
-Mommy & Babies
-My Real Pets

N - O
-Newborn Families (95)
-Newborn Families (96)

P - Q
-Pal Around Pups
-Party Supplies (Merchandise)
-Pet Presents (92)
-Pet Presents (93)
-Pet Shop Antics
-Pet Show Party Kit (UK)
-Pets on the Move!
-Playset (92)
-Playset (93)
-Plush Dazzling Hair Pets
-Plush Take Along Pets
-Pony 'n Pet Stable Playset

-Pup 'n Kitty Clubs

-Ready to Go Pets (92)
-Ready to Go Pets (93)

-Sea World Playsets
-Sea World Stars

-Sparklin' Sea Sweeties
-Sparkling Pets (94)
-Sparkling Pets (95)
-Sparkling Pond Pets
-Sparkling Ponies (94)
-Sparkling Ponies (95)
-Sparkling Pony Pairs (94)
-Sparkling Pony Pairs (95)

-Splashtime Pets (94)
-Splashtime Pets (96)
-Star Styles Pet Salon

T - U - V
-Tree House Gang

W - X - Y
-Youth Room Accessories (Merchandise)

-Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets (93)
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets (94)
-Zoo Nursery Pets
Zoo Play With Me Pets
Zoo Playful Ponies
Zoo Wilderness Pets
-Zoo Playset


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