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Although the Littlest Pet Shop toy line was based in the United States, it was also released in many countries outside the US, where it was distributed by subsidiaries of Hasbro.  Some of the non-US sets were strikingly different from the original US releases - others simply differed in packaging.  This page provides general information on the international release of Littlest Pet Shop toys. 

Information and photos that are specific to particular sets are provided with those sets in the ID Reference section of LPSC.

If you have any additional information or images related to international releases that you would like to share with LPSC, or if you notice any errors here, please e-mail me!  Our knowledge of non-US LPS releases is growing all the time thanks to the worldwide community of online collectors.

International Release Regions
International Names
LPS Logo
International Commercials
Worldwide Distribution

International Release Regions

I've divided these "release regions" based on each country's location and the similarities between its LPS releases and those of other nations.  The information here is incomplete...if you know of additional countries where LPS was distributed, please e-mail me!


North America
(Including Canada, the United States, and Mexico)

The North American LPS sets were identical, although the Canadian packaging was printed in both French and English, while the Mexican packaging was printed in Spanish.  Trilingual sets were also released, which featured packaging printed in French, English, and Spanish.


(Including the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium/Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, & Greece)

» Littlest Pet Shop toys were distributed in most European countries, and although the packaging differs slightly from one European nation to the next (i.e., the text on the LPS logo), these European variants of US releases are generally identical to one another despite their different national origins.

» The European variants feature different packaging from their US equivalents; the LPS logo, in particular, is different.  The European logo varies from country to country, although its appearance is always recognizably European (it is pink with yellow text, and there is either a paw print or a Assortment of animals at the top of the logo).

» Many European variants also included a "Family Album" - a brochure that provided illustrations and photos of sets/pets, as well as names and information for some of the pets.

» Any stickers or cardboard items that had printed text in the US releases instead had either blank spots, paw prints, or illustrations of animals in their European variations.  Some stickers that did not have text in the US releases, such as the illustrated background for the Toddling Turtles' terrarium, still differed slightly in appearance when released in Europe.

» Miscellaneous pets differed from their US equivalents.  The Garden Tag Pets, for instance, include an additional bluebird with its wings folded by its sides.

» The European variants of the Zoo Wilderness Pets are noticeably different.  Two variations of this Assortment were released in Europe.  One variant Assortment includes the Zoo Baby Bobcat, Zoo Honey Bear, Zoo Desert Parakeet, and Zoo Playful Sea Lion, although the coloration of the pets (and some accessories) differs from their US equivalents, and their zoo signs, playmats, and stickers do not have text.  The other variant Assortment includes the Zoo Baby Bobcat, Zoo Honey Bear, and Zoo Slippy Seal (renamed from "Playful Sea Lion"), as well as the Zoo Fearless Falcon (rather than the Desert Parakeet).  This latter Assortment again features pets (and some accessories) with colorations that differ from the US releases; sets released in this variation also do not include zoo signs.



The LPS sets released in Australia were identical to the US releases, although the European variants of the Zoo Wilderness Pets (Zoo Honey Bear, Zoo Baby Bobcat, Zoo Slippy Seal, and Zoo Fearless Falcon) were also available.  Although collectors in Australia were able to send away for the Mail Order Pets and the Charm Bracelet, the Paw Print Club remained a US-only mail offer.


Sets released in Japan had unique packaging.  The most striking feature of the Japanese releases is seen in 1992's sets: all of the pets from that year had small black dots as eyes.

Australian release information - Unicorn4484

International Names

The Littlest Pet Shop line was known outside the US as:

UK: Littlest Pet Shop
Spain: El Mundo de las Peque Mascotas
France: Mes Tout Petit Amis
Belgium/Netherlands: Mijn Kleine Dierenvriendjes
Germany: Meine Kleine Tierwelt
Austria: Meine Kleine Tierwelt
Italy: Cucciolandia
Greece: Τοσοδούλικο Pet Shop (Tosodouliko Pet Shop)
Portugal: ?
Australia: Littlest Pet Shop
Canada: Des Petits Pet Shop / Littlest Pet Shop
Mexico: Tienda de Animalitos
Canada/US/Mexico: Littlest Pet Shop (Des Petits / Diminuto)
Japan: Chisana Pettoya-san


LPS Logo

The design of the Littlest Pet Shop logo varied depending upon the country in which sets were distributed.  All sets were still made in China.

LPSC needs images of the LPS logo used on packaging that was distributed in Greece and Portugal (and any other country that distributed Littlest Pet Shops!).  If you have images you'd like to donate, please e-mail me!




UK (Zoo Collection)


UK (Zoo Collection)














(Zoo Collection)




Canada (Zoo Collection)



North America
(Canada, US, Mexico)







Image Credits:
Logos from France/Belgium, Mexico, and North American trilingual logo - zuse

German logo with animals - sparkling_feline


International Commercials

Greek commercial - Τοσοδούλικο Pet Shop (Tosodouliko Pet Shop)


Dutch commercial (Bart Smit toy retailers) - (Mijn Kleine Dierenvriendjes)


1994 (?)
Mexican Brochure


Pages 1 - 2

Pages 3 - 4

Pages 5 - 6

Pages 7 - 8

Pages 9 - 10

Pages 11 - 12

Pages 13 - 14

Pages 15 - 16

Pages 17 - 18

Pages 19 - 20

Pages 21 - 22

Credit: loves toys

Size: ?
Paper type: paper


Donald Duck & Co., March 1994

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Polar Pets, Jungle Bunch


Giocheria, 1992/1993

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Pet Shop Playset (92)

Pal Around Pups


Image Credits:
Swedish ad - Prancetron

Italian ads - jeapos88
Mexican pamphlet - lovestoys

Worldwide Distribution

Distributed in Canada by Hasbro Canada Inc., Longueuil, Québec J4G 1G2

Distributed in Mexico by ?

Distributed in Greece by Hasbro Hellas S.A., Kreontos 30-32, 102 42 Athens

Distributed in Portugal by Hasbro, Import & Export of Toys Ltd., 2765 Estoril, Portugal NIF 972098758

Distributed in France by ?

Distributed in Belgium/The Netherlands by ?

Distributed in Spain by ?

Distributed in Germany under the Kenner Parker name by Hasbro Deutschland, Max-Planck-Straße 10, 63128 Dietzenbach

Distributed in Austria by Hasbro Österreich, Davidgasse 92-94, A-1100 Wien

Distributed in Switzerland by Hasbro Schweiz AG, Alte Bremgartenstrasse 2, CH-8965 Berikon

Distributed in the United Kingdom by Hasbro UK Ltd., Owen Street, Coalville, Leicester LE67 3DE

Distributed in Australia by ?

Distributed in Japan by ?

German/Austrian/Swiss copyright notice

German/Austrian/Swiss copyright notice

English/Greek/Portuguese copyright notice

Japanese copyright notice


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