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(Sparkling Ponies/Pets Collection)

Pet Shop entrance
"This side has a doorway to the coziest pet shop in town!  It's chock-full of friendly competition and special awards for all your kitties and pups!  Plus, there's a handle to carry it everywhere you go."

Stable entrance

Open with accessories

Open without accessories

Promotional Images

Promo from the 1995 Kenner Girls Toy Fair catalog

Promotional description from the 1995 Kenner Girls Toy Fair catalog

Brochure promo


Packaging & Paper Accessories
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Front of Box

Bottom of Box

Side of Box

Top of Box

Sticker sheet
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Entire set


Pet Description Action
Sparkling Pony ? (the only known Pony 'n Pet Stable was missing the Free Sparkling Pony)
-Pink barn/stable
-White roof
-Two transparent purple doors on the front
-Purple latch on back of playset; flip up the white roof, move the latch, and the back opens
-2 large purple shelves inside
-3 small purple shelves inside
-1 long shelf inside ("loft")
-4 stalls for ponies (built-in)
-Green trunk
-Purple tri-food dish (one large square, one circle, and one smaller circle with brown food)
-4 purple horse leg wraps
-Yellow show-jump with flag that pops out when grassy part of base is pushed down; two levels for the hurdle: "Let the games begin!  Your ponies and pets will love the jumping competition.  Look - a flag pops up when you help pony make a successful jump with the magic wand!"
-Purple wand; fits into lavender saddle so you can help ponies "jump" over the hurdle
-Lavender saddle with hole for purple wand
-Magenta prize stand for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners: "And the award goes to...your favorite little pet!  Everyone is a winner when you award pretty prize ribbons and a trophy full of food that the pets make all gone!"
-Spinning walker with green grassy base, cobblestone rings, and yellow center pole: when you turn a disc on the side of the walker, the middle section and outer ring spin in opposite directions; you can attach three horses to the outer ring: "The competition was really hot!  It's time to cool down your winning ponies and pets on the spinning walker.  They'll have so much fun going 'round and 'round in opposite directions!"
-Silver metallic trophy with a single paw print on it; yellow hay inside can be pushed down
-Bright green apple (magnetic)
-Blue ribbon collar
-Red ribbon collar
-Yellow ribbon collar
-Yellow box of puppy food
-Yellow food trough
-Yellow hay bale
-Bright green brush
-Purple blow-dryer
Paper Accessories
Label sheet
? in.
Sticker paper
Front, gloss; back, matte

? in.

Photos of loose playset & packaging photos - unicorn4484
Sticker/instruction scans - babylicketysplit

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