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Littlest Pet Shop Collector (LPSC) is dedicated to gathering information about vintage Littlest Pet Shop toys.  This popular and endearing toy collection, featuring interactive miniature animals, habitats, and accessories, was created by Kenner in 1992 and lasted through 1996.  It still has collectors worldwide.

LPSC has been online since December 2010 and is regularly updated with new information and photos.  This site wouldn't be possible without the generosity and support of the online LPS community, and I owe a great deal of thanks to everyone in it.  If you would like to contribute to the content of LPSC or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me or visit LPSC on Facebook!


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March 1, 2014

The Spring 2014 theme is online, & LPSC is celebrating turtles!
I'm so thankful for all the support this site receives - so many Littlest Pet Shop collectors have sent in photos and information that are helping to build our knowledge of this wonderful toy line from our childhood.  Since Joey started actively collecting LPS, he has been such an amazing friend to LPSC, providing countless photos and scans as well as helping with fact checking...and just recently, he sent me some never-before-seen images and descriptions of the prototype Country Fun Pets turtle family!!

Collecting / Prototypes & Limited Release
I am incredibly excited to share some fantastic new prototype information with you...photos & info on the unreleased Country Fun Pets turtle family have been posted, including the set's "official" name!  Many thanks to Joey for sharing these wonderful scans.  Also, photos and info related to the Sea World Mini Assortment have been added - thanks to Joey for the images and loves toys for the workbook information!

Spring cleaning! The Paper Accessory Index has been removed...paper accessories are now listed with their respective sets in the ID Reference rather than in a separate index; some paper items are still being moved over, so the project isn't quite finished yet.  Promotional pamphlets and mail-in offers have been moved to the Advertisements page.

ID Reference / Sets:
Information and photos of an exclusive Spanish bonus release of playmats have been posted, thanks to Cora!  Info about European-exclusive bonus charms & bracelets have been added as well.  (Also, the Mail Order page has been reorganized: there is now a Special Offers page that includes both Mail Order releases and Bonus releases).

ID Reference / Sets:

Scans of the label sheets and instructions for the Pony 'n Pet Stable have been posted, courtesy of babylicketysplit.

Collecting / Advertisements
Scans of the 1996 Kenner Girls Toy Fair catalog (thanks, Joey!) and the 1996 Kenner Toy Fair Workbook (thanks, loves toys!) have been added - they feature images and information pertaining to several sets that were never released!  Also, a video from the 1995 Toy Fair - featuring a demonstration of the Pony 'n Pet Stable and the Sparkling Fashion Ponies - is now posted!

Site / About
A screenshot of LPSC's Winter 2013/4 theme (featuring the Twinkling Sledding Party) has been added.

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A collection of advertisements that were used to promote LPS.


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