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About the Site

Littlest Pet Shop Collector was launched on December 2nd, 2010.  My intention with LPSC has been to compile basic reference material for the G1 LPS collection, to provide more detailed articles and photos for serious collectors, and to give some interactive opportunities as well.  I hope to make the reference section as thorough and accurate as possible, so it is a constant work-in-progress.  

About Sarafina

I grew up collecting Littlest Pet Shop.  In 2008, I started pulling my LPS collection out of storage boxes and fell in love with these charming toys all over again.  I came upon the Kenner LPS Forum around that time and was excited to have found such a tightly-knit community of LPS collectors.  I started to actively collect LPS again, seeking out particular sets that I had either ignored as a child or never managed to find in stores.  Finally, I began to photograph my collection and decided to put these photos to use by creating Littlest Pet Shop Collector...I'm a very nostalgic person, and working on this site has been such a fun trip down memory lane!

Previous Layouts

Summer 2014
Clubhouse Kitties
(live screen capture)

Spring 2014
Tiny Tortoises
(live screen capture)

Winter 2013/2014
Twinkling Sledding Party
(live screen capture)

Autumn 2013
Zoo Indian Ponies
(live screen capture)

Summer 2013
Swimming Ducklings
(live screen capture)

Spring 2013
Zoo Shy Shetlands
(live screen capture)

Winter 2012/2013
Zoo Polar Pets
(live screen capture)

Autumn 2012
Chirpy Tree Friends
(live screen capture)

Summer 2012
Paw Print Club poster - Swan Family & Water Garden Kitties
(live screen capture)

Spring 2012
Jump 'n Splash Frogs
(live screen capture)

Winter 2011/2012
Ice Palace Ponies
(live screen capture)

Summer 2011
Country Home Carrycase
(offline image)

Spring 2011
Hop 'n Hide Bunnies
(offline image)

Winter 2010/2011
Twinkling Sledding Party
(offline image)


I owe a great deal of thanks to many people:

  • Everyone at the Kenner Littlest Pet Shop Forum has been incredibly helpful and supportive! 

  • Zuse, creator of Zuse's Guide to the Littlest Pet Shop, truly paved the way for LPS fan sites with her incredibly thorough guide and inspired me to create this site.

  • Tabby's List of Littlest Pet Shop, which is no longer updated, was the first LPS guide I ever came across and provided the skeleton for the identification reference guide at LPSC.

  • All of you collectors who continue to visit LPSC are the reason I keep the site going!

The online Littlest Pet Shop community has so generously provided a great deal of photos and information for use on this site.  LPSC has grown a so much thanks to their efforts and contributions.  Many thanks to these collectors who have contributed their photos, videos, and/or information:


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