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Some Littlest Pet Shop collectors have put their artistic talents toward creating unique custom pets and sets.  Below are some general customizing guidelines, in case you'd like to try, as well as a gallery of some beautiful LPS customs.  Enjoy!

If you have a custom that you'd like to share, e-mail me!

Gallery of Customs
loves toys

Customs by Alie

"Garnet": based on a prototype Sparkling Fashion Pony

Re-Haired Hamster

Dalmatian Key Chain


Customs by babylicketysplit

Re-Haired Pink Puff Puppy


Customs by chambychick

Newborn Families: Mommy & Baby Turtle (based on unreleased Country Fun Pets prototypes)

Newborn Families: Hedgehog Mommy with Baby Hedgies


Customs by dIGITS

Strawberries & Cream Dream Team


Customs by jeapos88

Easter Pony



Valentine's Day Pony

Black Swan

Winter Ponies

Autumn Pony

Spring Pony

Summer Pony


Blue-Striped Tiger

Pearl Elephant


Customs by kagenator



Customs by katgyrl

Unicorn, bird, and tree


Customs by loves toys

Baby Panther



Customs by Lyloo [www]

Emeraude (Emerald): : based on a prototype Sparkling Fashion Pony


Customs by Shooting_star2

Black Wolf Family


Customs by styxlver_82

Valentine's Day Puppy

Baby Jackalope

In-progress Day Horse (left); Night Horse (right)

Bank Puppy, Kitten, & Bunny

Black Sheep

Gryphon (by styxlver_82's husband)




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