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20th Anniversary



Kenner's Littlest Pet Shop toy line was first introduced in 1992.  To celebrate Littlest Pet Shop's 20th Anniversary, LPSC did giveaways and other Anniversary activities throughout 2012!

The Kenner Littlest Pet Shop Forum celebrated Littlest Pet Shop's 20th Anniversary with a swap - you can view the participants' creative and festive swap boxes here.

Giveaway #3

For the third Giveaway in celebration of Littlest Pet Shop's 20th Anniversary, LPSC is offering another one of my favorite sets: the Puppy Mom & Dad with Magic Birthing Mommy!  This hard-to-find set is incomplete (only missing one piece: the gray & white newborn puppy), and I would love to be able to offer a complete set - if you have that little puppy for sale, please contact me! :)

Enter the Giveaway:
To enter, submit one or more photos (or a link to a photo album) of your Littlest Pet Shop collection!  Just follow these steps:
      1) Read and agree to the Giveaway Rules
      2) E-mail me with one or more photos of your G1 Littlest Pet Shop collection or a link to an online photo album of your collection.  Your collection can be big or small, and the photos don't need to show your whole collection. :)

Rules and Guidelines:
You must agree to having your collection photo(s) and/or links posted publicly on LPSC's Your Collections page.
If you win, you will be contacted by e-mail on Saturday, December 1, 2012...if you don't respond to that email by Saturday, December 8, another winner will be chosen.
If you have entered previous giveaways at LPSC, you are more than welcome to still enter this one - even if you won in the past! :)

Deadline for Entries:
Friday, November 30, 2012

Winner Notified:
Saturday, December 1, 2012


Previous Giveaways

Giveaway #1 - July 16, 2012
Kitty Mom & Dad with Magic Birthing Cozy (complete)

To be eligible for Giveaway #1, participants had to share their childhood memories and/or photos of Littlest Pet Shop on LPSC's Nostalgia page.  One lucky winner was chosen at random from the entries!

Giveaway #2 - August 1, 2012
Paper Items

To be eligible for Giveaway #2, people became fans of LPSC on Facebook.


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